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y name is Robert Timpone, thats me over there. At a young age I found that I loved creating things and working with my hands. Like most young people I really wasn’t making the connection as to what I should do for a living so, being an entrepreneur I have owned and operated many kinds of business. Today, I realize that was my vehicle in the search for what it is that I was meant to do. Years ago I started building high end custom homes. What a thrill it was to wake up in the morning and know that I would take a empty piece of land and turn it into someones home. I couldn’t help but think how blessed I was to be doing the two things I enjoyed most, creating things and working with people. Unfortunately, we had a few projects in progress that we invested in when the housing market crashed. Everything I have worked for was gone, just like that, including a piece of me.

Being an entrepreneur and having a family to support I started another business with the help of some friends and also became the GM of a popular restaurant on Eagle Mountain Lake. Even though I was grateful to have these opportunities, there still was something missing. Fear was keeping me from doing the one thing that I was meant to do.

With the support of my parents and my dear friends of Robson Ranch (you know who you are) I finally gained the courage to get back into my life passion. iREMODELit is exactly what I do! Im not building houses from the ground up but, I am designing, creating and bringing peoples visions of what their home could be to life.

I’m sharing my story with you because you should know a little about the person you will be working with. I am blessed once again to wake up in the morning with excitement and I can’t wait to make your house the home you always wanted.

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We would love to hear about your project and help you get started. Go ahead call us!

1. Quality

Quality is a word we use often. But here we mean it. At iREMODELit, each project, large or small, is treated the same. It is more important for us to make sure a job is done right and take an extra day, rather then rushing to just finish. We have a saying we stand by, “Do it right or don’t do it”.


For many years we have built high end custom homes from the ground up that have won awards in the 1.25 million dollar category of the Spring Tour of Homes. We are able to tackle any project your home can throw at us and delivery a finished product you and I are both proud to show off. Having a background in design helps bring our customers vision to life and make it a reality.

3. Affordable

Sometimes our customers vision of what they want turns out to be more expensive then they were expecting. The solution is not to just find a contractor that will do it at a lower cost, because most likely you will not get what you wanted or they may cut corners. The right answer is to work with a company like us that understands your vision. We can tweak the design without sacrificing quality in workmanship or materials and still deliver a space of your dreams thats with in your budget.

4. Trust

Finding a contractor is not hard to do but finding one you can trust can be a challenge. With that said 90% of our business comes from referrals and we are very proud of that. It is always our goal to make our customers happy and our job is never done until you absolutely love what we did for you.

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Design Ideas / 100%
Tile/Wood Flooring / 100%
Painting / 100%
Trim/Wainscoting / 100%