Project Description

Palmera Master Shower Remodel Denton, TX

This was a fun project and the customer was a pleasure to work for. It seems this customer has had several problems with flooding in their master bath. I was asked to come in and repair the sheetrock which was removed do to water damage and replace the shower pan that originally came with the house. The shower pan seemed to be the route of the problem. The customer was so feed up with this being the second time this has happened they decided to just replace the entire shower to make sure proper water proofing was done. When removing the old shower pan I discovered that the plumbing hole under the pan was never filled with concrete as like most of the showers I have done in Robson Ranch and because it was leaking around the drain it has soaked the ground below turning it to mud. Unfortunately, this set us back a little on time. I tested and waited to see if the water was coming from anywhere else or it just needed to dry out from leaking. Take a look at the pictures. Enjoy!

Project Details

Subdivision: Robson Ranch

Model: Palmera

Project Images


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